Goodbye by Shereen Abdelqader

I remeber goodbyes to be the ghosts that haunted all the ships in my nightmares when I was younger
Somewhere along the journey
They have become the chest of treasure I’m haunting for
For goodbyes meant closure
And that’s just too much of an easy, smooth sailing to hope for
Instead we took the coward’s way out
Leaving things vague and confusing

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Superpower by Ali Alshammari

Two lions clashing under the guise of cat and mouse,
Occasions where you thought you had me, I’d always find an out,
Sabotaging my schemes, thinking their failure was miscalculation,
Leaving you bread crumbs, ins and faults of my own creation,
A rational person I am not, foolproof isn’t in the cards,
The thrill of the chase is what I long for and the reason I’m scarred,  Continue reading

Superpower by Kholoud Hussain


Home was a far-fetched dream before you stumbled upon my doors, with a smile plastered on your face
It was then when my heart whispered echoes of sweet honey and soft melodies
A kindle of hope lit in the pits of the darkness inside of me as your voice resonated in a stirring giggle
Your eyes glistened in excitement as you talked about the cosmos and the mystical beings
Superpowers beyond imagination bestowed through the utters in a soul so serene Continue reading