Addiction/Decay by Shereen Abdulqader

She paces, back and forth, too afraid to go in, to see him again. She fears being reminded of what she has done.
Not that she could ever forget, the darkness that haunts her, the nightmares that break her from her flimsy sleep, peace refusing to visit her; but seeing him back in person will only tighten the knot in her stomach she’d been carrying ever since.
She pauses, her back to the door, pushing down the feeling of queasiness. She spins around in a moment of courage and madness, grips the handle. Hesitates.
She snatches her hand back as if she’d touched fire and brings it up to her face. Her front teeth resting on the nail of her thumb. The dread boiling within her is in a tug war with longing.
Longing to see his face one more time, to see him.

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Addiction/Decay by Bader Shehab

Your nail polish bent light
at satisfactory fractions,
at will – playing into the night,
refracting alcoholic photons
distorting colors in a strange way;
complimenting the dying Winehouse
in an elaborate estrogen-fueled fumes,
the melodic haze fogging your aura.
I thought it was a chemical imbalance
in my mind, eyes and taste buds…
It’s believing my lie; the simulacra,
or it could be another illusion – Continue reading

Addiction/Decay by Ali Alshammari

You were so beautiful, I just couldn’t see it,
a vision in a low-cut top doing god know’s what off of the bathroom sink,
you were always too cool for me,
funnily enough, it wasn’t I who shot out of my league,
you came down to my lowly plain like rainwater setting my inhibitions free,
your inhibitions, however, were a little too unshackled I’d come to find,
I’d accompany you wherever you went,
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