Body of Water by Shereen Abdelqader

Oh how badly I want to plunge into your deep waters
Forget about safety measures and allow myself to be engulfed
Swallowed whole
I would not worry about breathing
It is already hard to do so up here
I am a willing victim to your anemones
Hold me as captive
Ill make it home
I cannot think of a safer place to be
I do not want to waste time on shallow waters
I want to be where no human beings have been
I want to explore the secrets you keep so well hidden

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Body of Water by Amira Sheikh

A waterfall, through the rocks, it tumbles
My love for you, collapsing, but perpetual
In a series of cascades, it rumples
leading the way to valley of hope, as usual
Mending your scars, healing your sores
by touching every inch of your skin
As a longed raindrop that pours
ending the drought and letting spring begin
You rushed me in your arms, my heavy wave
that surrendered this yearning shore
You kissed my soul but swept away
promising return, leaving me wanting more
Standing by, eagerly anticipating
discerning my wave’s arrival to this bay
But the more I felt you close, you were fading
You were just a mirage, to my dismay.

Body of Water by Anusuya Mukherjee

She was Juvia and he was Ares. Juvia would always return to her source, the body of water and Ares to war, his source of chaos.

She stood by the body of water, exhausted. It was long overdue and she knew it. She had finally stood up to it, stood up to the pain, stood up to the abuse, enough was enough! She was done. The tears had been shed, the pain had crossed its threshold. She was finally, finally free! Oh, and that freedom swept through her veins like the ocean hit its wave on the beach. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes violent as her heart beat faster. Continue reading