“But Daddy I Love Him” by Amira Sheikh

What can you do if you fall in love with a person with whom you can start a life only when your life is about to end? What can you do when your heart doesn’t understand the language of law and justice? What can you do if the love of your life is a criminal? Well not just because he stole my heart, but because he was accused of being involved in a murder and looting a bank or two.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Ahmed AlRasheed

I ran and ran and ran and my heart thumped as I bled tears. Scared and petrified, I wanted to hide. I wanted to stay away from everyone’s sight. I know I lost him. I know I will never see him again. Yet, I felt like I did. I felt like I could talk to him. He was my everything, and I miss him. He would smile whenever I was sad, and it made me smile creating that comforting feel when knew everything was going to be okay. I miss him and I want to see him. How can he just go away like that, disappear and leave me here alone? Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Lucy Moore

Summers at my grandparents cottage were always long and hot. Nestled in the countryside, we were free to run and play over the rolling hills or in the streams that trickled between hundred year old oak tree roots. My two older brothers would always run faster and further away. Disappearing into knight fights with twigs that would become jewel encrusted daggers. 

My little legs could never keep up, stopping at the barn to catch my breath and by the time I looked up they had vanished into the long grass.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Merriam AlFuhaid

For as long as she could remember, Dana had wished boys liked her half as much as mosquitos did. Really, even a quarter as much would have been enough. She’d read once in a magazine that mosquitos were drawn to people who ate a lot of sugar or were overly emotional, and she was living proof that being both of those things was a guaranteed way to attract bugs and repel men. Not that she blamed the men for thinking she wasn’t much of a catch. If hips didn’t lie, she certainly hoped the tape measure did, and it was certainly hard to find a place for a man in your arms when you had a piece of cake in one hand and a box of tissues in the other.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Fatma AlSumaiti

I am 27 years old now.  A single girl that is threatened by spinsterhood according to them.  And a part of a sub-society that denounces common ways. 
But daddy, I love him. I said it because I found the person who draws unbridled smiles on my face. I won’t say he is the person that completes me because I am a person of my own. I have never seen myself as a piece that needs to be whole. That’s off point, though.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Hawra’a Khalfan

She looks up at the Grey skies and wishes upon a cloud.

Her mind shuffles through memories of her throughout the years wishing upon multiple stars, she had wished on those spheres of fire with such belief that they would somehow align and help one of her dreams come true. But now she has retired from these useless fire breathing rocks- she knows better than to repeat that series of mistakes again. It took years for her to give up on those stars, and now the clouds are her allies.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Farah Al-Sultan

              I thought this was it! Today shall be the day I tell my parents about him, his name is Gabriel. He appeared out of nowhere in my life, it felt like I was destined to love and be with him. I gathered my courage and went to the living room, where my parents are.

“Mother, father, I came here to tell you something about myself that I’ve been holding in.” I finally spoke when I reached the room. While waiting for one of them to respond, my eyes darted between my dad and Gabriel, who stood behind my dad’s chair.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Batool Hasan

I play with the blond tendrils of my Barbie doll’s hair.  They look like silver silk in the shallow moonlight. It’s past my bedtime and I should be asleep in bed, but sleep won’t come and I don’t want to make daddy angry.

I hear shouts and doors banging as I drop my Barbie doll. I quickly slip into bed and drape my blanket over me.

Don’t come in. Oh please, don’t come in.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Quamer Al-Mumin

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer their baby girl. I’ve fallen, scraped my knee and have gotten back up so many times that I’ve lost count. So many times that I’ve formed a shell. So many times that they don’t even know about.

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer that gullible youngster that used to give trust to those who least deserved it. I’ve learned to adjust to this cruel world. I. Can. Take. Care. Of. Myself.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Noragotcharisma

Father, dad. Daddy. You know, that man that overprotects us. Or in more recent terms, the man we’d kill to be his baby mama. Or maybe its just an atheist’s way of kidding around with ole Adam. 

But Eve won’t like that, no no. It’s much too disrespectful. After all, our mother is the one who tames our hostile feelings towards our Father.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Wil

David paused. James had just asked him if he wanted to go fishing Saturday afternoon, a regular thing they’d been doing for a few years. David realized he was going to have to tell James at one point or another that he had found a new girl. He’d known James since they kept tadpoles as pets. Since their mothers arranged birthdays for all the neighbourhood kids and the present of their dreams was a caterpillar tracked remote controlled car rumoured to be capable of 80km/h.   Continue reading