Flesh by Fahd AlSaleh

They lived in harmony. Each had their own task. Did it to perfection. Were granted their needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. When their time came to it’s end they would give off their offspring and peacefully crumbled into non-existence. They existed in the perfect state, grew peacefully and were given the most merciful of deaths. Their world was divided into colonies. Each did a certain task. The colonies would exchange resources according to their needs. No negotiations existed. Everyone knew their role and would do what was expected of them. That was their life from inception to its demise.  Continue reading

Flesh by Ali Alshammari

For Bea, leaving her room was never an option,
She wasn’t driven to it per se, no pitchfork or torch-fire wielding involved
It was a self imposed banishment,
Vitiligo, a disease of the skin had consumed her,
Leaving her spotted with patches of white almost deliberately placed like the work of a master artist’s brush,
To her, losing her dark Barbadian skin meant losing her heritage,
Losing her identity and idea of beauty,  Continue reading