Goodbye by Shereen Abdelqader

I remeber goodbyes to be the ghosts that haunted all the ships in my nightmares when I was younger
Somewhere along the journey
They have become the chest of treasure I’m haunting for
For goodbyes meant closure
And that’s just too much of an easy, smooth sailing to hope for
Instead we took the coward’s way out
Leaving things vague and confusing

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Goodbye by Bader Shehab

Was matter always so complicated like this? Why can’t it just be that one unified law of physics? You know like: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But no! It’s more or less along the lines of: to every action there is an opposite and equal Hadron reverberating to the moving mass – then the Higgs Boson, a particle that permeates all of existence. Does God reside within these finite yet infinite strings? Forever suspended between bubbles of multiverses sequencing in endless events, some repetitive – some not so much; be it a bullet train, my grip around the coffee mug, the soft touch of a baby’s head or the very breath I take. Is that ‘space’ the Matrix in its natural format per-se? Those dark spaces between the Hawking radiation and the very foundation of thermodynamics, are those occasional hiding spots for God? Until science comes along after epochs to try and find the puppeteer only for him to be gone, again? Won’t that take a million years and many civilizations to flourish and crush? Assuming we don’t encounter extinction like this one. Continue reading