Higher Power by Hasan Al-Hamadi

I was watching the cursor on my phone screen blinking in a rhythm so perfect, more accurate than a young athlete heart beat, and then I asked my self; who gave that cursor a “soul”? The answer is simple; it is a collection of machine code and electricity running through electronics. No power no beats. Soon after, my phone sent it’s dying well “I only have 10% left in me, I pray for you to save me” my phone was silently praying for a higher power to grant life, to save that soul, to keep that perfect rhythm.  Continue reading

Higher Power by Hawra’a Khalfan

Letter to my sixteen year old self:

Don’t let the world drag you down. Don’t let anybody tell you what you are and what you aren’t. Your mother spent years calling you beautiful, don’t let society tell you otherwise. No, she isn’t crazy. (And no, a donkey is not a gazelle in his mother’s eyes.) Moms aren’t blind, they just see the beauty in you that you haven’t learned to see yet. She’s building you up in a society that is dragging you down. You owe that woman your strength as a woman later on in life.  Continue reading

Higher Power by Fahd AlSaleh

Today I’ll be telling you the story of John. John is a newly graduated medical doctor. Like most say “Fresh Outside the Box”. He comes from a small conservative family. His father was factory worker but now retired and his mother never worked outside the house. He has always been the smartest child in his class and did very well in exams. Did so well that he got into one of the best medical schools in the country. All in all, life couldn’t get any better.

See, throughout his medical training while getting close and more accustomed to the human body, both living and dead, his core beliefs altered a little. As he saw his professors discuss the life of individuals and how they chose who lived and who did not he became intrigued. And later was drawn by its power.  Continue reading