Ink by Dee

Ink stains on her fingers. One would think she was still a scribe whiling away her hours in the safety of a musty library, not an exile roaming the deserts with the guns at her hips as the only true constant in her life. But then, Anne wasn’t like your every day Sinner. In fact, she wasn’t really a Sinner at all. Anne was Unmarked, one of the few born to every generation who never got the Sign that marked them as Sinner or Saint. She was also the first Unmarked anyone had heard of who chose to forsake the safety and comfort of a Saint’s life to wander in exile with the Sinners.  Continue reading

Ink by Noragotcharisma

Drip. Drip. Drip. Thick black ink drips into your mind. As you watch television, your head slowly fills up with thick black ink. What was once pure is now coated with darkness. The old entity of what you were is no longer visible. It seeps down into your eyes, completely blinding you. You blink once, twice, once more to be sure, but all you’re faced with is black. You cannot see, your vision has faded. Your direction is fuzzy, unclear, and undeterminable. Your only sense of reality is what you hear. Everyone around you seems to be blinded as well, completely content—is blindness really all that bad?  Continue reading

Ink by Ripley Hyde

Every blink of my eyes inks just another line in my memory journal I’ll write in until the day that I die

The ink from reality

Sinks into the diary

My Quill fills the pages

Turning life into memories

It feels like centuries

Since the book was first inked

I look back through the paragraphs

Remember the laughs and faces I’ve met

So many precious scenes I’ve seen

I never want them to go missing

Re-reading the writing written at the beginning…

Tearing at the sight of my ink disappearing

Memoirs lost, left in noir after the colors turned to dust

I try to will my Quill to fill the gaps

And map my way through livid verses

Nurse the curse of reversing the vivid

Fragments of my remnants, though not permanent, are still clear

I feared losing them before, but now I’m tearing no more

Locked in a state of shock, my fear has overrun

From the beginning until now I’ve been writing Chapter One

Continue reading