Jetlag by Ali Alshammari

Across from you in a restaurant you read about online,
intoxicated and I haven’t even seen the menu yet,
maybe it’s the blue fluorescent lights layering our skin like anthropomorphic Smurfs,
maybe it’s how our reservation was on a throwback night, complete with loud pulsating 90’s euro techno,
I choose to think it’s the way I’m caught up in you,
we laugh because we only hear the beginning of each other’s sentences before that Aqua song comes on again in a roaring blast,
I don’t mind because it gives me a chance to see your smile, Continue reading

Jetlag by Bader Shehab

​“It was like a golden arch when the sun rise came knocking on the door hinges, the windows were dark but when I saw that residue of dust particles hitting the underside of the door – it was spotless yet profound when my eyes tried to follow each dust particle. They kept me awake somehow…” I slammed my fifth shot of moonshine on the counter and the bartender signaled closing time. He held both his arms across his chest while throwing a piece of cleaning cloth over his shoulder. I looked back at Mr. Paul Marrane and there he was examining my every move and the hysteria behind my impulsive heartbreak poetry. Continue reading