Maze by Kholoud Hussain


noun: maze; plural noun: mazes

  1. a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way.

An enigma, a puzzle, a mystery, a riddle, a conundrum, and a paradox. All entwined and all entangled in a thread so familiar to most of us we barley even recognize it anymore. A thread of silk and thorns of prickles of unfortunate events and hysterical quarrels, found embedded in the heart of our volcanos, with lavas erupting the bottled up sentiments.  Continue reading

Maze by Toby Al-R

I never really cared what people think of me, I follow the idea that it is none of my business.

It gives me confidence, because life with no confidence is a robbed one.

And perhaps not to sound conceited, but I strongly believe that the majority of people are stupid.

It is not their fault, it is not some genetic error. The system we live in doesn’t offer plenty of opportunities for individuals to have the correct motivational values, to journey to different cultures, to accept our diversity as a specie.
No, it is all shackled by barbed chains of restricted ideologies, nothing is emergent anymore, everything is an establishment.  Continue reading

Maze by Fahd AlSaleh

I have lived many lifetimes. More than I could count. I remember once I was a frog leaping in fear trying to avoid the incoming traffic. I remember being lost in a maze of hallways looking for something to eat while being chased by the ghosts of my past. I remember running faster than the speed of light back and forth and upside down all to save animals from experimentation. I remember eating psychedelic mushrooms on a long journey through many kingdoms trying to save my princess. I remember an old man telling me that the outside world is filled with dangers and gave his only item of value, his sword. I remember the laughing dog that drove me insane. I remember training my pets to become the ultimate fighting machines. I remember once I was a builder stacking perfectly the limitless wall to no avail.  Continue reading

Maze by T. M. Obaid

The kids down the street feared it. It’s gothic architecture would scare the pants off anybody, and those kids were scared shitless. In fact, it was that fear that drove them to create their little twisted game.

There was little Johnny Parker. He was sitting on his little bike right outside the house with his two other nimrod friends, Danny and Casey. “My brother said he went inside once, and there was a crazy old man that almost attacked him!” Said little Casey, his eyes magnified by his glasses. “No way,” exclaimed Danny, “my sister says this house was owned by this rich guy who built it for his wife.”  Continue reading

Maze by Aziz AlSumaiti

I’ll go through a none existent maze with the risk of dying; but when I was alive, a none existent maze that i build with my own boundaries. I was going through it alone, so I don’t get help from others. I’ll go through it at night, just so I don’t socialize. I’ll go with the darkness that holds me down, I’m going there with a death wish. I’ll go there so I die and never have to kill myself. I’m going there with hope that I get lost so I find myself again before it’s too late. I’m going there alone, yet looking for people; I’m talking to people that aren’t there for me, yet I think that they’ll help me; but they’re using me instead.