Melancholy by Toby Al-R

I took a pause and thought about the idea of depression, but I swiftly came to the conclusion that I and the idea are mutually divorced. I found inner peace long ago and I can’t seem to even remotely relate.

So I sat on my wooden mahogany desk, while resting my chin on my interlocked fingers; staring at a small statue of a stony Socrates face. It gazed back at me with its devious eyes and emitted to my mind gloomy visions of futuristic epochs.  Continue reading

Melancholy by Merriam AlFuhaid

The teardrop diamond earrings hung from her ears and glistened in the electric light, a hundred reflections dancing on the wall. I have seen perfection, and it was not in the mirror.

Harsh words have been thrown against me like pebbles against a windshield. It is difficult to break all the way, to be in such divided pieces that others would try to repair them. But it’s so easy to crack. Continue reading

Melancholy by Nouf

The sun has risen with some tears falling down from the sky to touch my window. I started to confuse them with the ones falling from my eyes.
I immediately knew that today would be the day I search for the black items in my closet. As the darkness in front of my eyes, I can’t see anything but blackness overtaking my light, blackness overtaking my existence and sight.  Continue reading