Nostalgia by Hawra’a Khalfan

“It’s snowing!” My sister yelled, running into the house to grab her jacket. I ran quickly to the window and watched beautiful little white drops from heaven land on the nearest surface they found. Recently having moved from Kuwait to London I had never seen snow before. To me, this was a miracle- I quickly ran upstairs and changed into warm clothes, and rollerblades. Continue reading

Nostalgia by Dee

I wake up to you wrapped around me warm and pliant with sleep. Your breath is hot and wet on my shoulder and my heart is breaking. So this is goodbye. Turning to face you shouldn’t hurt this bad. My hands on your face, and I brush kisses over every part. Your nose, your eyes, your cheekbones. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Your fingers tighten on my hips but I know that you can’t hold on. This is us, maybe for the last time, soft and drowsy, thigh to thigh and hip to hip.  Continue reading