Puppet-Blood-Lighter by T. M. Obaid

*click*. The lighter went off in the darkened room. A small yet bright flame, like our sun in comparison to the gaseous mammoth giants in the universe, embraced the end of the cancer-stick. He pouted his big lips, took a long drag, and exhaled like a dormant dragon. “That’s good stuff, the best, lemme tell ya,” he said to himself. He leaned back in his leather chair, which creaked against the weight of his fat pompous ass looking like a freshly roasted ham, as he sat in his Oval Office.  Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Hasan Al-Hamadi

“That was a good meal”, I said, after having dinner at a local diner that has a view of a parking lot. If Kuwait is an ant colony, then ants are the restaurants and the queen is the trendy one of that time. People would wait for hours to get a Falafel sandwich that was given a fancy name, something like “Fal Rojas” or “Clair de Fal”. So, all of a sudden, this 50-cent falafel sandwich is the trend and sold for $15 as the original Fal Rojas. However, if you want the super Clair de Fal you have to pay an extra $5for the special “La Gallo” sauce which is in reality a 25-cent hot sauce giving the red rooster on the bottle a spiky hair style and a nose job.  Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Aziz AlSumaiti

I was a puppet that used to be controlled by the community. My smiles are held by the  compliments and the criticism. My voice is sung by the voice of others shaming me. my personality is shaped the way the community  thinks it’s beautiful. my thoughts were deeper than ever. I was allowed to have thoughts that nobody agreed on, At least that’s what I thought. Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Toby Al-R

You left me stranded in a whirlwind of thoughts with no explanation, and I will just assume that you know what I mean.

But it’s fine, I understand the frame of the big picture.

This life is a non-understandable stage and we are the entertainers for the gods, puppets for the puppeteers, stringed with our blood vessels; cut the strings and we are nothing but dummies.  Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Kholoud Hussain

Puppets, a Lighter, and Itches for Blood…

Amid the dusk of night, pacing slowly around the corners of the uncanny house was the enigma of the town. Nearly fifty of age, this senile man was the mystery people talked about. His story, or rather his series of stories, was the folk tale that paced around the tongues of the town’s fokes. Solitude was all he ever asked from them ever since he moved into this town, yet Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Fahd AlSaleh

I waited so long for this. Finally, my best friend’s wedding is today. Oh, those long days of starvation. Only living on water, coffee and carrots. I really felt like bugs bunny. Anyways, it is time. The nails have been done, the skin has been cleansed, the hair styled and the eye shadow downed. Just the final piece of this long and tiresome equation. The DRESS! Continue reading