Revolution by Dee

Every morning, from the warmth and comfort of my bed, I tell myself that today is the day. Today is the day I rise up and cast off the shackles I have allowed to be put on my soul. Today is the day I will make up for the moments of my silence, which I’ve let build up, until they smothered my voice completely. Today is the day I say no, I am not who you have decided for me to be: I am different, I am my own person, I share nothing with you, I reject your hatred, your misogyny, your fear, your bigotry. Today is the day I tell them that they’re the ones who are wrong.  Continue reading

Revolution by Noragotcharisma

Clenched fists, enraged hunger, “fighting for rights”. Power to the people, right? Wrong.

You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are not you. Intellectual property is no longer yours. Revolution.

The 21st century is an intellectual revolution. An internal revolution between you and yourself, between you and the person you could have become. But who will win?  Continue reading

Revolution by Merriam AlFuhaid

I was in the park when it happened. I was sitting on a bench, eating my snack of strawberries and water-soaked almonds, when a little blonde girl paused in front of me and stared. She didn’t say a word—she only sucked on a lollipop while her eyes, like two blue buttons, were fixed on me.

“Hello,” I said, to break the awkward silence. She still said nothing. I saw that she was staring at the container of food on my lap. “Would you like some of my food?” I asked.  Continue reading

Revolution by Amira Sheikh

For the first time in the twenty-nine years of my existence, I could taste freedom in the air that I was breathing. In fact, I could exhale without any hesitation.

As I set the rear-view mirror, I saw the reflection of a presumptuous face. At least for that moment I wasn’t the single burden to my family, the loner who can never spend her life with the non-muslim she fell in love with as her religion doesn’t allow that. I let all these thoughts slip away as I tightened my fingers to the steering wheel and accelerated the speed-o-meter along with my heart-beat. Continue reading

Revolution by Wil

Cars can teach us about revolution. Without it they are nothing. For a car to move forward, the engine and consequently the wheels must have a revolution. This is usually a trouble free matter but there a few things about how it can go wrong which can inform attempts at other types of revolutions.Firstly, don’t accelerate too much. If you do that, you will do a burn out and might get arrested. For good reason. Some burn outs can cause fire… Continue reading