Smoke by Ahmed AlRasheed

The bedroom door opened and all you can see is the shadow of this delicate creature. Her curves are so defined that you could almost see smoke escaping her pores. There she was unclothed, fine, and precious, walking slowly towards me begging for something. The moonlight trickled from the seeping sky and gleamed off her long velvety hair. Her skin glowed bronze from the bleeding sunlight that shines every morning. Continue reading

Smoke by Quamer Al-Mumin

I looked through the bars of his cage as he paced back and forth. His feet echoed like drums against the metal floor. No matter which direction he paced, his eyes were locked on mine. Those deep yellow eyes held a look of determination. His upper lip twitched showing off his sharp canines. The stripes in his fur were drawn on with such elegance, he put Picasso to shame. As I watched him pace, I took out a cigarette and held it to my slightly parted lips. Continue reading

Smoke by Glyn Moore

It was unusual this year because it happened on a Sunday. A Sunday morning too. In November, which is normal. But it always happens on a Saturday afternoon after football. Not on a Sunday morning when I’m playing golf. A Saturday afternoon. In November. When I go to watch football with my friends. We are old now and in the autumn of our years. We drink endless cups of tea, make jokes and laugh at the world because for that moment in our week we are indestructibly young again. We shout our support for our team and our criticisms at the referee. Win, lose or draw we tell each other how much differently we would have played the game, even demonstrating imagined body swerves and light touches of the ball to each other as we shuffle to the car park at the end of the game. Continue reading

Smoke by Dee

That was the first thing you noticed. The City still smoldered. No matter how long it had been since Before, hundreds of years, some even said thousands, the embers of the fires that had destroyed the old world still lived here. The City was a relic of a place that had lived and died so long ago that even its name was lost to time. She had heard it said that once upon a time this place was a center of culture and commerce. Some said that it had lain near a river, others said on an ocean. Continue reading

Smoke by Hawra’a Khalfan

As soon as I opened the car door, the crisp, dry, cold air slapped my face—triggering me to stand frozen in my place. “Thanks!” I forced a smile, waving goodbye to the cab driver as I stood outside the yellow car. Everything around me was covered in white, and at that moment time did not exist. The only thing that existed is the amount of steps it would take for me to walk indoors. Oh! How I love the way the snowflakes sparkle from afar. I locked my eyes on my target as I took a deep breath of callous oxygen. There it is, the blue building filled with an infinite number of Angels of Death. There it is, the blue building filled with sorrow and regret, where loathing and unconditional love finally meet in an equilibrium. Continue reading