Socks by Hawra’a Khalfan

There had been a dust storm the day before, as soon as he saw those orange skies all he could think about was his job. He knows those Kuwaitis complain about not being able to leave their homes when these frequent storms happen, but all he could think about in that precise moment was having to get up and sweep it all up tomorrow. It is now his job to sweep the dust, it is his job to inhale the dust particles and cough uncontrollably. Oh, well. I have it better than the trash pick-up workers, they roam around all day in huge reeking trucks infested with insects, so I should be thankful I have this job.  Continue reading

Socks by Shahd AlShammari

You wake up one day, and suddenly, your feet do not belong to you. They are, most definitely, separated from your body. But no, that can’t be, because you look down, and yup, they’re still there.

You touch, and you sniff them. They feel like they have been suffocating under woolen socks for years on end.

Okay, time to wiggle my toes, before I actually attempt the impossible: getting out of bed.  Continue reading

Socks by Buddha Qais

He took his usual seat besides his wife. It was that hour of the day again, the hour of when they agreed to always sit and talk about their day’s events.
He looked at his wife with longing eyes, and guessed he had to start today as has been recently.
“So I begin again?” he chuckled. “Well I tell you, it is not fair, so this is the last time.”  Continue reading

Socks by Dee

Everyone comes into the world with a shared fear, the fear of being alone. Because being alone means that you don’t belong. The world was made to be shared with another. So you curl up together and hold each other close for fear that something will come to tear you apart, and you’ll never see one another again. And what will become of you then?  Continue reading

Socks by Quamar Al-Mumin

It was the day before Christmas and the snow was still falling lightly onto the sidewalks. Little kids peer through the windows of the toy shops, wide eyed and excited for what they might get wrapped up under their tree tonight. Couples waltzing around in the streets, secretly predicting what their lover’s reaction will be to their sweet gifts. It seems like such a wonderful time of year. Continue reading

Socks by Wil

I’ve sometimes wondered what it’d be like to write an autobiography. But then I get slightly embarrassed for even thinking about it. My life is nothing like what you see on bookshelves. So why choose the above title? Shouldn’t I be scurrying along with my average anonymous little life?  Continue reading

Socks by Lily Young

“Can you please tell me how, Zaria?”

A tired voice asked for the tenth time. Dr. Lightwood let out a sigh, it’s been hours since he’d heard another voice than his own. Staring hard at the petite figure across the metal table. She looked odd with her hands cuffed to the center of the table, there was no point of the cuffs, her slender hands could easily slip through if she tugged. Another bizarre thing, she insisted on being restrained. Continue reading