Time by Ali Alshammari

“Do you remember when….?”

“Do you remember the time…?”

Reliving the old has become more desirable than creating new memories. There’s something illustrious about nostalgia. The way the past can be painted with a brush of luminous gold, even though at the time it felt like hot garbage. Getting together with a group of old buddies, talking up a storm, but never actually saying anything. Instead, padding the old bonds that tied you together as opposed to adding to the thread. Why do we do this? We reminisce and recreate through conversation, but to defy our comfort zone like we did when we were younger is unthinkable.  Continue reading

Time by Fahd AlSaleh

See some measure time in days and hours. Some measure it in seconds. But what is time? Yes, you can quantify it. Thus, it is a measurement. But what is it made of? a series of moments? responses to actions? A sum of our choices? See, no matter what we do, time is not controllable. Yet everyone strives to control it. Everyone uses planners and calendars to write down their “Appointments” and what not. But in the end times moves on and never stops to wait for anyone.  Continue reading