Waves by Eva Al-Meshal

It seems that these words want to spill out of me, in no logical order…
Just the way ink spills onto paper recklessly and without a destination,
these words are waiting to erupt out of my dormant soul, spilling and spreading like lava – forming new islands of land inside of me.
I want to travel to visit them,
and sail gracefully through the ocean waves of myself…  Continue reading

Waves by Osman Naeem

Here I was, at the barstool, I mean, what better way to kick start the weekend than by spending your pay on cheap vodka shots and deep philosophical thoughts with your cubicle friends, who are all alpha males with beta reasoning skills and gamma temperaments.
Ten minutes past midnight and we were already spewing wisdom like snake monks, unfortunately, thanks to Basheer, and his amazing tendency to stir random substances that altered brain waves into our drinks. These substances were either made in secret laboratories or secreted by various life forms, our dear friend Ranjish Patel Kumar Turbanfulk jr was now Scottish and took his pants off because he wanted to feel the air flow through his legs and feel the comfort of a kilt.   Continue reading

Waves by Fatma AlSumaiti

I have this urge to cry endless tears. It starts at my center. I feel it churn within this gap of infinite emptiness that is my heart. You broke my heart even though you tip toed around it. For years you just put your life jacket on and floated in the vicinity of my consciousness. I let you float at first because indifference was my state of mind. I let you float until I gulped in your waters and started drowning in feelings.  Feelings that made me notice your eyes. They were always brown, weren’t they? Were they always this deep? This talkative?  And your skin, it is the kind of white that does not amuse my eyes. Yet somehow, the way red creeps into your face whenever you laugh too hard or struggle to articulate a thought simply cripples my lungs.  Continue reading

Waves by Batool Hasan

“See you on Thursday,” I had promised him.

I hastily open the pink bag, which was hidden at the back of my closet, to reveal the pearly white bra and matching knickers I had carefully picked out. After undressing and putting on the lingerie, I open another bag. Mesmerized by the velvety material, I spend a few minutes losing myself in the void of black fabric. I slowly pull the dress on, careful not to ruin the black roses and delicate lace that line the short sleeves.  Continue reading

Waves by Hawra’a Khalfan

Chocolate! Everywhere! For miles all he could see was chocolate, and his eyes bulged out as if they were going to escape their sockets; Kit Kat, Aero, Flake, Galaxy, Milky Way, Bueno, M&M’s, and oh! so many Maltesers. He picked up one of the Maltesers packets, pried it open with his teeth, and raised it up to empty the whole bag into his mouth. Before he could even take a bite, he heard a faint voice calling his name, “Abdulrahman.”  Continue reading

Waves by Bader Shehab

It cried and rhymed with these southerly winds, as Hajar and I, sat on those rocks, overlooking the slow, sporadic, sudden and at once subtle motion of the Atlantic sway. It soothed and cleansed my lungs of every air molecule as I, on every diatonic hole, exhaled the tunes of worrisome melodies of which, as though, seemed to harmonize and remedy with the violent claps of nature’s force against those moss and limestone.  Continue reading

Waves by Tifa

Four years riding a wave of love: that’s what it was like, being with you. The highs were high, but the lows pulled me down, down, down: drowning.

Four years: a lifetime, it seems. But now you are out of my life. The waters have calmed and I the sea is peaceful, inviting. Gentle rolling waves beckon. No more highs, no more lows. No more you.  Continue reading