Time by Ali Alshammari

“Do you remember when….?”

“Do you remember the time…?”

Reliving the old has become more desirable than creating new memories. There’s something illustrious about nostalgia. The way the past can be painted with a brush of luminous gold, even though at the time it felt like hot garbage. Getting together with a group of old buddies, talking up a storm, but never actually saying anything. Instead, padding the old bonds that tied you together as opposed to adding to the thread. Why do we do this? We reminisce and recreate through conversation, but to defy our comfort zone like we did when we were younger is unthinkable.  Continue reading

Mask by Bader Shehab

Kids these days, they just hog their phones all day and can’t even spare a second to say “hello”. I can’t even make eye contact with my kids – bending their necks over their texts, Twitter timelines and pointless YouTube comments. It’s either their phones or their gaming consoles controlling lifeless characters performing auto thefts or murdering hookers. All while their pointless notification feeds load up so that they can check on it and get the dosage of ‘feel good’ Dopamine in their clogged little heads. I want to conversate and have an uninterrupted interaction with my kids again. Most importantly, I want to enjoy a warm meal with them. Which is why I recently introduced the ‘basket policy’, a simple fiber basket I bought on discount from Walmart. Continue reading

Mask by Fahd AlSaleh

I don’t think I have an answer to that question. Why did I become a doctor? Was it because my dad is one? Maybe. But he is mostly administrative, Thus not representative of the profession. For the prestige associated with the title? Definitely not. Is it the pay? To be honest, we are over worked and don’t really get paid enough. Was it to save lives? See the problem here is that I do know that saving a life is the right thing to do but am I emotionally invested in humanity? No, not at all. I think humans are the worst creatures to ever tread on these grounds. All that I can say is that at some point in my life there was an idea or thought that got lost along the way. Continue reading

Choice by Fahd AlSaleh

“There is a total of three hundred question in this paper. You have three hours to complete the exam. Please make sure you transfer all your answers correctly to the answer sheet and write your candidate number clearly on the top of all pages. Remember for each question the answers maybe used once, more than once or not at all. You may begin the exam. Good luck”  Continue reading