Sciamachy by Ahmed AlRasheed

Sound the alarm! I thought as I jogged outside my room into the hallway. Milo-Cesspool Grendoz is after me, a treacherous man that hacks hearts and tears the living beats out of them. Why am I being followed you ask?

It all started on a pleasant beautiful afternoon, where I was out for dinner with my beloved wife. We sat at the Rome de Tour restaurant, which was her favorite. I noticed that the Tobasco sauce was misplaced. It was set aside next to my wife, making her want a taste. My wife willingly picked up the bottle and started to dab her food.   Continue reading

Operation Smearoff by Osman Naeem and Ahmed AlRasheed

Base. 1300 hours:

The world around General Heisenberg was clashing, as he knew war was immanent. The General gathers his troops around the table for his briefing. “Soldiers!” As he looked at his fat Sergeant, Roethlisberger and his 1st Lieutenant, Fritz. “We are under attack and we need to act now!” Looking closely at them he decides to send them off first. “We shall send in a squad, you two should be in it. I have already sent in Sergeant Colace down for recon, but he has been missing for sometime now!” A huge rumble came as the enemies fired a warning shot.  Continue reading

Noah by Ahmed AlRasheed

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

Spring Hill, Kansas, is a place where people are born, raised, then die there. Noah is my name, and yes I was born and raised in this humdrum town. I’m in my fifties, I live alone, and most people around here think that my life is a great example of a midlife crisis. I am a math teacher at Spring Hill Middle School. Go, Monkeys. When you live in a town where everybody knows everybody, you get that faint feeling that this town has no reason to be in existence, ever. I mean- let’s face it, we try to go for a university degrees, but this town seems to always fall back. I remember that Billy Hill was the town’s smartest man, he even got accepted into Colby Community College. After he graduated he came back and opened a grocery store which he named Limpy. I might also want to mention that my neighbor married his cousin simply for the sake of “experimenting” and this led to a shotgun marriage.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Ahmed AlRasheed

I ran and ran and ran and my heart thumped as I bled tears. Scared and petrified, I wanted to hide. I wanted to stay away from everyone’s sight. I know I lost him. I know I will never see him again. Yet, I felt like I did. I felt like I could talk to him. He was my everything, and I miss him. He would smile whenever I was sad, and it made me smile creating that comforting feel when knew everything was going to be okay. I miss him and I want to see him. How can he just go away like that, disappear and leave me here alone? Continue reading

Smoke by Ahmed AlRasheed

The bedroom door opened and all you can see is the shadow of this delicate creature. Her curves are so defined that you could almost see smoke escaping her pores. There she was unclothed, fine, and precious, walking slowly towards me begging for something. The moonlight trickled from the seeping sky and gleamed off her long velvety hair. Her skin glowed bronze from the bleeding sunlight that shines every morning. Continue reading

Glass by Ahmed AlRasheed

How do I get out of here? The great outdoors is right there in front of me. I go from one end to the next, but it appears that I can’t leave this atrocious place.  People are trying to get me in any way possible, as if I am an undesirable. The force field in front of me is limiting my escape from this room. My brain can’t process this technology; it forbids me from leaving, yet I can walk on air. All of a sudden, everything blacks out, THUD! I squint my eyes one last time, and in a blur I see a person opening this “force field”, scoops me up and throws me out. As I fall to my doom, I realize that all this time, it was just a glass window, separating a fly from the outside world, to freedom.