Superpower by Fahd AlSaleh

I can’t remember what happened. I can’t remember who I am. Where I was. Nor where I am now. All that I know it is dark. Pitch black darkness. I have my eyes wide open, yet I see nothing. Not even my own hands. I try to take a step, but my feet are stuck under some kind of mud.
I wiggle them out and slowly start walking with hands held as far front as I can. The only thing I feel is the squishes of my feet. Nothing else. I continue onwards not knowing where my path is leading me. Suddenly, Something ever so faint brushed against the tip of my fingers.  Continue reading

Scar by Fahd AlSaleh

Merriam-Webster defines a scar as a mark remaining on the skin after injuries have healed. I can spend days explaining the pathophysiology of wound healing. How after a wound happens platelets aggregate and activate a cytokine response that lead to the formation of a fibrin plug that later changes to metalloproteases which in turn forms a mesh of endothelial cells and collagen ultimately leading to the formation of new skin. I can also explain how this new skin’s characteristics and basic cellular composition differs from normal skin, hence we get the visible scar. But we’ll skip that for today.  Continue reading

Flesh by Fahd AlSaleh

They lived in harmony. Each had their own task. Did it to perfection. Were granted their needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. When their time came to it’s end they would give off their offspring and peacefully crumbled into non-existence. They existed in the perfect state, grew peacefully and were given the most merciful of deaths. Their world was divided into colonies. Each did a certain task. The colonies would exchange resources according to their needs. No negotiations existed. Everyone knew their role and would do what was expected of them. That was their life from inception to its demise.  Continue reading

Time by Fahd AlSaleh

See some measure time in days and hours. Some measure it in seconds. But what is time? Yes, you can quantify it. Thus, it is a measurement. But what is it made of? a series of moments? responses to actions? A sum of our choices? See, no matter what we do, time is not controllable. Yet everyone strives to control it. Everyone uses planners and calendars to write down their “Appointments” and what not. But in the end times moves on and never stops to wait for anyone.  Continue reading

Mask by Fahd AlSaleh

I don’t think I have an answer to that question. Why did I become a doctor? Was it because my dad is one? Maybe. But he is mostly administrative, Thus not representative of the profession. For the prestige associated with the title? Definitely not. Is it the pay? To be honest, we are over worked and don’t really get paid enough. Was it to save lives? See the problem here is that I do know that saving a life is the right thing to do but am I emotionally invested in humanity? No, not at all. I think humans are the worst creatures to ever tread on these grounds. All that I can say is that at some point in my life there was an idea or thought that got lost along the way. Continue reading

Choice by Fahd AlSaleh

“There is a total of three hundred question in this paper. You have three hours to complete the exam. Please make sure you transfer all your answers correctly to the answer sheet and write your candidate number clearly on the top of all pages. Remember for each question the answers maybe used once, more than once or not at all. You may begin the exam. Good luck”  Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Fahd AlSaleh

I waited so long for this. Finally, my best friend’s wedding is today. Oh, those long days of starvation. Only living on water, coffee and carrots. I really felt like bugs bunny. Anyways, it is time. The nails have been done, the skin has been cleansed, the hair styled and the eye shadow downed. Just the final piece of this long and tiresome equation. The DRESS! Continue reading

Maze by Fahd AlSaleh

I have lived many lifetimes. More than I could count. I remember once I was a frog leaping in fear trying to avoid the incoming traffic. I remember being lost in a maze of hallways looking for something to eat while being chased by the ghosts of my past. I remember running faster than the speed of light back and forth and upside down all to save animals from experimentation. I remember eating psychedelic mushrooms on a long journey through many kingdoms trying to save my princess. I remember an old man telling me that the outside world is filled with dangers and gave his only item of value, his sword. I remember the laughing dog that drove me insane. I remember training my pets to become the ultimate fighting machines. I remember once I was a builder stacking perfectly the limitless wall to no avail.  Continue reading

Higher Power by Fahd AlSaleh

Today I’ll be telling you the story of John. John is a newly graduated medical doctor. Like most say “Fresh Outside the Box”. He comes from a small conservative family. His father was factory worker but now retired and his mother never worked outside the house. He has always been the smartest child in his class and did very well in exams. Did so well that he got into one of the best medical schools in the country. All in all, life couldn’t get any better.

See, throughout his medical training while getting close and more accustomed to the human body, both living and dead, his core beliefs altered a little. As he saw his professors discuss the life of individuals and how they chose who lived and who did not he became intrigued. And later was drawn by its power.  Continue reading

Voiceless by Fahd AlSaleh

They need to know!
(a.k.a. What’s inside the box?)

“She doesn’t need to know”, “please don’t tell him”, “she’ll get scared”, “it’s best if he doesn’t know”. These are phrases that we, as medical professionals, unfortunately hear every day. In medical school our teachings are based on four rules: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. These are considered the pillars of medicine.  Continue reading