Noah by Farah Al-Sultan

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

            It’s time to start.

“A few blocks down from our apartment, is a cute little coffee shop called “Chillz”. My friends and I meet there weekly on Fridays. Exactly in the middle lay this horrible strip club, you can catch any sexually transmitted disease by just looking at it. I walk by it most of the time. Last Friday on my way back home, I spotted a person I wish I didn’t. Noah, a man between the ages of 45-50, was leaving the club. I was incredibly shocked, all I could think of was ‘did mom know about this?’.  Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Farah Al-Sultan

              I thought this was it! Today shall be the day I tell my parents about him, his name is Gabriel. He appeared out of nowhere in my life, it felt like I was destined to love and be with him. I gathered my courage and went to the living room, where my parents are.

“Mother, father, I came here to tell you something about myself that I’ve been holding in.” I finally spoke when I reached the room. While waiting for one of them to respond, my eyes darted between my dad and Gabriel, who stood behind my dad’s chair.  Continue reading