Jay by Fatma AlSumaiti

It was a night of silent darkness.  I closed up the café and headed towards the bar where he’s waiting for me.  The full moon looked suspiciously bright that night.  I didn’t know if it’s because of the overwhelming darkness that surrounded my aura, or if it’s shining bright to juxtapose the reality of my intentions. My senses were heightened.  Surroundings amplified.  My sure stride seemed to lose its balance. Then again, maybe it’s all in my head.  Continue reading

Waves by Fatma AlSumaiti

I have this urge to cry endless tears. It starts at my center. I feel it churn within this gap of infinite emptiness that is my heart. You broke my heart even though you tip toed around it. For years you just put your life jacket on and floated in the vicinity of my consciousness. I let you float at first because indifference was my state of mind. I let you float until I gulped in your waters and started drowning in feelings.  Feelings that made me notice your eyes. They were always brown, weren’t they? Were they always this deep? This talkative?  And your skin, it is the kind of white that does not amuse my eyes. Yet somehow, the way red creeps into your face whenever you laugh too hard or struggle to articulate a thought simply cripples my lungs.  Continue reading

Collaboration by Fatma AlSumaiti and Batool Hasan


Fangirl: So, umm, I kinda like this boy…I want to lick his eyeballs.

Normal person: Ooookay. That escalated quickly.

Fangirl: Dude, I want to drown in his beautiful blue eyes. I mean, his eyes are the color of shattered crystals swimming in lake water… I just want to keep them in a jar!  Continue reading