Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Hasan Al-Hamadi

“That was a good meal”, I said, after having dinner at a local diner that has a view of a parking lot. If Kuwait is an ant colony, then ants are the restaurants and the queen is the trendy one of that time. People would wait for hours to get a Falafel sandwich that was given a fancy name, something like “Fal Rojas” or “Clair de Fal”. So, all of a sudden, this 50-cent falafel sandwich is the trend and sold for $15 as the original Fal Rojas. However, if you want the super Clair de Fal you have to pay an extra $5for the special “La Gallo” sauce which is in reality a 25-cent hot sauce giving the red rooster on the bottle a spiky hair style and a nose job.  Continue reading

Higher Power by Hasan Al-Hamadi

I was watching the cursor on my phone screen blinking in a rhythm so perfect, more accurate than a young athlete heart beat, and then I asked my self; who gave that cursor a “soul”? The answer is simple; it is a collection of machine code and electricity running through electronics. No power no beats. Soon after, my phone sent it’s dying well “I only have 10% left in me, I pray for you to save me” my phone was silently praying for a higher power to grant life, to save that soul, to keep that perfect rhythm.  Continue reading