Color by Kamanha

Baby, let me tell you a story about my life and the dawn of my years

Maybe even stab a verbal dagger in your heart through your eyes and ears

The story of a psycho in the making, who was driven crazy by the wheel he never steers

And it almost seems like those years deprived him of his right to dream, he fears  Continue reading

Glass by Kamanha

I’m the alternate devil in the wrong time at the wrong place

The word “inappropriate” in the dictionary should have a picture of me with a thumbs up and a smiley face

Don’t judge me from first impressions, but hey… I like it when you call me names

He’s a mischievous, aimless, meaningless, heinous, insanous and vulgarity runs in his veins

I know I’m empty so have mercy and don’t tempt me or faze me  Continue reading