Home by Menasi

Prologue: this is the journey of a soldier in the army, suffering from PTSD, and not willing to open up to even family members. This was written following the Uri attacks, in which 18 Indian soldiers died.

Dear Aditi,

How are you doing? I’m fine. Well, a bit exhausted. Missing your dal, the rations they give us aren’t that great. Black rajma beans and rice that has lost its flavor after being packaged, with poppadoms adding a crunch of excitement from time to time. I saw the photo you sent, of Neha in the school play. Tell her she makes a beautiful butterfly, and daddy will take her and fly her over the boardwalk soon! Ah, not now though. My muscles ache from the rigorous training we are subject to. Puts our honorable countrymen into perspective, ha?  Continue reading