Color by Osman Naeem

You feel like you met her the moment you were born, she is an open book to read and you are dyslexic
Her twitter bio says her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite number is six and she likes coffee bars
The skies are so bright and blue that even the sun is squinting, and you are holding a purple umbrella after you finally walk to her doorstep to face her Continue reading

Sciamachy by Osman Naeem

Sci·am·a·chy noun [sahy-amuh-kee]an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

A fresh start, in the comfort of discomfort, is a monster sized bite on the pie chart of the things I need
So then, when I try to kiss you, why does your visage taste like omelette du fromage?
I would answer that question, but then I’d have to question my answer considering how I’ve been swinging for way too long to know that I really am Tarzan and that this skin is just a facade I wear to  hide my superhero costume  Continue reading

Waves by Osman Naeem

Here I was, at the barstool, I mean, what better way to kick start the weekend than by spending your pay on cheap vodka shots and deep philosophical thoughts with your cubicle friends, who are all alpha males with beta reasoning skills and gamma temperaments.
Ten minutes past midnight and we were already spewing wisdom like snake monks, unfortunately, thanks to Basheer, and his amazing tendency to stir random substances that altered brain waves into our drinks. These substances were either made in secret laboratories or secreted by various life forms, our dear friend Ranjish Patel Kumar Turbanfulk jr was now Scottish and took his pants off because he wanted to feel the air flow through his legs and feel the comfort of a kilt.   Continue reading

Operation Smearoff by Osman Naeem and Ahmed AlRasheed

Base. 1300 hours:

The world around General Heisenberg was clashing, as he knew war was immanent. The General gathers his troops around the table for his briefing. “Soldiers!” As he looked at his fat Sergeant, Roethlisberger and his 1st Lieutenant, Fritz. “We are under attack and we need to act now!” Looking closely at them he decides to send them off first. “We shall send in a squad, you two should be in it. I have already sent in Sergeant Colace down for recon, but he has been missing for sometime now!” A huge rumble came as the enemies fired a warning shot.  Continue reading

Noah by Osman Naeem

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

The contents in a plate composed of a decomposing mashed potato hallucinogenic salad and carcinogenic beer stains that had soaked the velvet sheet which slipped off the bed onto the carpet
Oozed through the spaces between Noah’s toes as he took a step and walked butt naked with a limp towards the shower
Drunk on deep space dilemmas and the intense scent of lingerie that lingered through his nostrils and made its way to his brain Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Her” by Osman Naeem

How can you be so sure? You loved another yesterday

You walked away when she suffered and watched her suffocate

How can I let you make the same mistake once again?
When this young heart of yours bears no battle scars and doesn’t know the pain
of being left behind as an option trying to chase the last train
Oh it felt like the right track? I think you were on the wrong lane  Continue reading