Inspirations: Painting by Amira Sheikh

Here I am, in the middle of this superfluous wheat field, no walls, no isolated corners, no stern nurses, no weeping visitors, no tormented patients, just me, the fresh air, and you, my beautiful canvas. Oh, and those voices too.
You have always been by me when my best muse, someone who I inferred to be my soulmate refused to save me from those four walls, when my brother saw in my eyes the yearning for liberty and inspiration yet left me for those vicious doctors or when my very own audience petitioned to send me to the asylum when I thought I conveyed my sorrow to them through you, dear canvas. Continue reading

Inspirations: Painting by Ali Alshammari

Preparing myself for a halo jump into the great unknown. No windows in this pressurized cabin. Just the visage of my superiors behind a cloud of cigar smoke and 10 inch glass. Cuban cigars were always a favorite. I find they take the edge off, but when you’re in what is essentially a zero gravity oven, you find more coming off than just an edge.

Thoughts of her flood back to me as Zero begins his countdown to mission start in a boisterous Bristolian accent. Like a triathlete, I’ve trained countless hours for this in both VR and field ops. Numbers on a board mean nothing when it comes down to the nitty gritty however. When I see her, The Boss (a title earned after several acts of bravery on the beaches of Normandy), I don’t know if I’ll have the resolve and discipline to do what’s right. She is…was my mentor. Continue reading

Warmth by Bader Shehab

The way your mascara tears ran down your breasts, the line it left behind of charcoal and coffee-black, dried in every pore and curve of your skin. The scent of your perfume mixed with the humid sweat, authenticated by the golden shadow of the sunset hitting the smog-filled window panes. Your Lady Marisol-like demeanor and aristocratic elegance in the ruin of a few rails. Colombia’s finest and bloodiest at the tips of your fingernailsThe 2004 Yamazaki shot glass with your fingerprints still on it, it sits camouflaged with the sun’s dying light fighting what’s to come of the devil’s hours.  Continue reading

Jetlag by Ali Alshammari

Across from you in a restaurant you read about online,
intoxicated and I haven’t even seen the menu yet,
maybe it’s the blue fluorescent lights layering our skin like anthropomorphic Smurfs,
maybe it’s how our reservation was on a throwback night, complete with loud pulsating 90’s euro techno,
I choose to think it’s the way I’m caught up in you,
we laugh because we only hear the beginning of each other’s sentences before that Aqua song comes on again in a roaring blast,
I don’t mind because it gives me a chance to see your smile, Continue reading

Jetlag by Bader Shehab

​“It was like a golden arch when the sun rise came knocking on the door hinges, the windows were dark but when I saw that residue of dust particles hitting the underside of the door – it was spotless yet profound when my eyes tried to follow each dust particle. They kept me awake somehow…” I slammed my fifth shot of moonshine on the counter and the bartender signaled closing time. He held both his arms across his chest while throwing a piece of cleaning cloth over his shoulder. I looked back at Mr. Paul Marrane and there he was examining my every move and the hysteria behind my impulsive heartbreak poetry. Continue reading

Dream by Bader Shehab

This one time my friend Anas and I were hanging out and we decided to try this new Pizzeria place that just opened. I remember ordering a mushroom and margarita, we had it and it was great – so great in fact that we ordered another pie and by the time we were done with that one we were full, stuffed! We then went to the arcade played some games and we both called it a night it was too late to do anything else anyways. But, I remember going home and feeling something funny in my tummy – it was a little bit of an ache followed by dizziness. I tried some herbal tea because I thought it might just be indigestion, but it didn’t do anything. But soon after the tummy pain subsided I felt the dizziness get stronger – and more “spinney”. My head was spinning in circles and I tried sitting on my bed, but I couldn’t find it because the whole floor was going around me in circles. My tongue got heavy couldn’t utter a thing and then I just passed out on my bed – everything went dark…  Continue reading

Superpower by Ali Alshammari

Two lions clashing under the guise of cat and mouse,
Occasions where you thought you had me, I’d always find an out,
Sabotaging my schemes, thinking their failure was miscalculation,
Leaving you bread crumbs, ins and faults of my own creation,
A rational person I am not, foolproof isn’t in the cards,
The thrill of the chase is what I long for and the reason I’m scarred,  Continue reading