“War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength” by Hawra’a Khalfan and Quamar Al-Mumin

War is peace.

“Abu Osman, trust me on this- people implode when you control them. It is only human nature,” her mother pleaded as she watched her husband explode with rage. I can’t believe this, I can’t believe this. I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS. Is he actually putting up a fight? Seriously? There is no logic behind anything he is saying. What does he mean women shouldn’t drive? ALL women shouldn’t drive? Yeah. Sure.  Like he would be where he is without the women in his life. He is a fucking tyrant. All I want to do is depend on myself. All I want to do is be able to take my life into my own hands. He of all people should realize that. Aggravating little shitty tyrant. Continue reading

“But Daddy I Love Him” by Quamer Al-Mumin

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer their baby girl. I’ve fallen, scraped my knee and have gotten back up so many times that I’ve lost count. So many times that I’ve formed a shell. So many times that they don’t even know about.

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer that gullible youngster that used to give trust to those who least deserved it. I’ve learned to adjust to this cruel world. I. Can. Take. Care. Of. Myself.  Continue reading

Smoke by Quamer Al-Mumin

I looked through the bars of his cage as he paced back and forth. His feet echoed like drums against the metal floor. No matter which direction he paced, his eyes were locked on mine. Those deep yellow eyes held a look of determination. His upper lip twitched showing off his sharp canines. The stripes in his fur were drawn on with such elegance, he put Picasso to shame. As I watched him pace, I took out a cigarette and held it to my slightly parted lips. Continue reading

Socks by Quamar Al-Mumin

It was the day before Christmas and the snow was still falling lightly onto the sidewalks. Little kids peer through the windows of the toy shops, wide eyed and excited for what they might get wrapped up under their tree tonight. Couples waltzing around in the streets, secretly predicting what their lover’s reaction will be to their sweet gifts. It seems like such a wonderful time of year. Continue reading