Inspirations: Painting by Toby Al-R

Today I wear my holy hollowed halo from hell
And I say hello
I have managed to break through
The hard shell has induced in softness
The indoctrinating veil has shaken in panic
I cross over with a different mind and views
Through thorough thoughts… though
To be able to step on the other side
What is commonly known as heaven
Is to be able to see what your mind sees
When it makes you see what you are supposed to see Continue reading

Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Toby Al-R

You left me stranded in a whirlwind of thoughts with no explanation, and I will just assume that you know what I mean.

But it’s fine, I understand the frame of the big picture.

This life is a non-understandable stage and we are the entertainers for the gods, puppets for the puppeteers, stringed with our blood vessels; cut the strings and we are nothing but dummies.  Continue reading

Maze by Toby Al-R

I never really cared what people think of me, I follow the idea that it is none of my business.

It gives me confidence, because life with no confidence is a robbed one.

And perhaps not to sound conceited, but I strongly believe that the majority of people are stupid.

It is not their fault, it is not some genetic error. The system we live in doesn’t offer plenty of opportunities for individuals to have the correct motivational values, to journey to different cultures, to accept our diversity as a specie.
No, it is all shackled by barbed chains of restricted ideologies, nothing is emergent anymore, everything is an establishment.  Continue reading

Aftertaste by Toby Al-R

I choose to write, for it may be my only path from mortality to immortality.

I sit placing my fingers on the keyboard like a blind man with a braille, entangled by the neurons of my brain ready to jet out in a telepathic voyage to distort the equilibrium of my mind.

I start to remember all the lips I have kissed, all the eyes I looked into, all the cigarettes I smoked, all the alcohol I consumed and all the other things that I dare not to say, in respect to the gentle nature of the human eardrums. A vortex inside me implodes a helix of all the years that passed by without a trace.  Continue reading

Jay by Toby Al-R

“J” stands for joy, and joy is the judge and jury to deliver justice. She is the waitress of the Mastermind.

She serves him knowledge and wisdom as she blends information in the carousel of dead horses, running in a vicious circle. The Mastermind resides in a crusted medieval fortress with a gate of raven wings and walls of shady skulls, a mosaic of death seeking to bring life to the lifeless surroundings.

Like a parasite of truth plaguing a land of lies to remove the masks from the dull headed faces.  Continue reading

Box by Toby Al-R

I know some people believe in angels, see I don’t understand that, but anyways.

There are more galaxies out there than the grains of sand on this planet, so what do I know?

We tend to dismiss this splendid conundrum of life and we worry about jobs, exams and things that are shallower than a second coat of paint on a bench seat.

The mouth of curiosity and wisdom is speaking to us, with the language of silence and the sound of nothing, how can we understand it? It is sitting there like a big block of foggy ice waiting for us to break it.  Continue reading