We hold meetings every month where members get together and pick a topic to write about for the next meeting. The writing can be anything from a poem to a song or a short story, as long as it stays on the topic chosen by the members.  In this way, we are forced to explore our imagination and receive constructive criticism from eclectically-minded, talented, and creative people.

To maintain your membership, all we ask is that you abide by the following rules:

1) Pieces written for the club should not be shown or read to any of the members before the meetings take place. This is so we a) do not influence each other’s writings. b) we get to see the first impression or reaction pieces give to other members (this is one of the best parts!).
Our meetings are time-conscious, therefore, the word limit for projects is no more than 1500 words.

2) Incomplete pieces will not be accepted at meetings.

3) No plagiarism. You will be automatically eliminated upon plagiarizing.

4) Writing topic is always chosen by votes. Come to meetings with a topic idea for the upcoming topic.

5) As we aim to create a friendly and loving atmosphere, we highly regard competitiveness tobe a problem.

6) Rudeness will notbe tolerated. Criticism will only be accepted if it is constructive.

7) Consent to post pieces on the blog or social media will only be asked of you once when you first join. Afterwards, we will continue to post pieces. We ask that you take this into consideration before agreeing to have your posts published. You, of course, will always be credited for your writing.

8) If you fail to email your piece to admin@kuwaitwritingclub.comthe same day of the meeting (before midnight). Your piece will not be posted on the blog.

9) No tardiness. We expect you to arrive at set locations on time.

10) If a member arrives to a meeting 30+ minutes late, their presence will not be noted. A strike will be written down.

11) Meeting times and venues will be discussed and arranged as to not conflict with the majority of the members. If any scheduling conflicts should arise, we should be informed three (or more) days prior to the meeting. Alwaysinform us if you cannot make the meeting.

12) If you miss three meetings, you will be eliminated from the club.  As a group made up of passionate writers, we only on giving a receiving feedback, this is why this rule is strictly followed. Exceptions are made for mitigating circumstances. Strikes are erased at the season’s end (June) and are retaken in the next season (September).