1) No plagiarism.

2) Good grammar and spelling is a must.

3) No tardiness. We expect the members to arrive at set locations on time.

4) Writing topic is chosen by votes. Every member gets to cite their own suggestion, then it is up to the group to decide as a whole.

5) Rudeness will not be tolerated. Criticism will only be accepted if it is constructive.

6) If a member misses 3 meetings, they will be eliminated from the club.

7) This is not a contest, and competitiveness will be a problem.

8) There will be no meetings on vacations, but a special project will be assigned during it.

9) Word limit for projects will be 1500 words. (Exceptions on holiday projects)

10) A special time will be assigned at the end of every meeting for additional feedback on pieces not relevant to the club.

11) Pieces written for the club should not be shown or read to any of the members before the meetings take place. This way you can get to see the first impression or reaction your pieces give to other members.

12) Meeting times and venues will be discussed during our monthly meeting so mention scheduling conflicts so we can accommodate for it.

13) If a member fails to post their piece on the group during the same day of the meeting (before midnight) that will be counted as a strike (different, of course, from the absence strikes). 3 strikes will cause elimination from the club. We ask that you take this very seriously as it affects our progress.

14) If a member arrives to a meeting 30+ minutes late, their presence will not be noted. A strike will be written down.

15) Incomplete pieces will not be accepted at meetings. If a member attends a meeting with an incomplete piece, this will also count as a strike.